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Free GD&T Tutorial for Beginners

What Is This?

Welcome, you've found CNCCookbook's free GD&T Tutorial. If you read through the lessons, you'll learn the basics of GD&T which will be valuable to most CNC'ers.


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Who is CNCCookbook and why would you take the time to try to learn GD&T from us?


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Basic Concept Lessons


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Introduction to GD&T

  • History and Background of GD&T
  • When and Why Use GD&T?
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of GD&T

GD&T Basic Concepts

  • GD&T Symbols
  • Basic Dimensions
  • Feature Control Frames
  • Datums

GD&T Rules and Philosophy

GD&T Datums

GD&T Datum Feature Simulators and Datum Selection

GD&T Tolerances: Plus/Minus Tolerancing

GD&T: MMC, LMC, RFS, and Bonus Tolerances

Be sure to read over the articles for each symbol as called out on the GD&T Symbol Quick Reference Chart!


Reference Charts and Tables:

     GD&T Symbols: Complete Quick Reference Chart


Future Chapters (Coming Soon!):

- Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis

- ASME GDTP Certification

- GD&T Quiz

- Examples


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